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Sick, Ugly, Tired, Almost Dead? No Answers? SmartFood Nutrition can fix your body from the inside out starting with detoxification and then rebuild your organ systems..

Inflammation one of the root causes of all chronic diseases. We detox you safely and under supervision tailored for each individuals unique physiological makeup. 

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Muscle Loss Results from Diets that are too Low in Carbohydrates

By foodsmarty | September 24, 2017

It is generally true that carbohydrates are turned into fat. This is why people have so much success with a higher fat paleo diet with respect to weight loss. But there are several caveats with this and the biochemistry is complicated with respect to timing of macronutrient conversion to adipose tissue. Although carbohydrate can be…

Cyclic Ketogenic Diet/ CKD?

By foodsmarty | August 27, 2017

The purpose behind the promotion of cyclic ketogenic diets:   I conjecture the cyclic ketogenic diet was made up in an attempt to counter act the extreme negative metabolic changes that occur in the body while on a ketogenic diet. Most of these changes will relate to stress metabolism characterized by an increase in cortisol…

Opinion on the Paleo Diet for you and babies?

By foodsmarty | August 27, 2017

Opinion on the Paleo Diet , with particularly respect given to babies and children   First I must begin with the fact that the paleo diet, as people take it has some positive and negative aspects. The positive is that it recommends taking out all those things that are not healthy for an individual such…

Southern Cream of Mushroom Soup

By foodsmarty | May 30, 2017

  Southern Cream of Mushroom Soup Dairy and Chemical Free   This soup tastes fantastically exactly like Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup which was my favorite growing up. Luckily this version has all the health benefits of five types of mushrooms and none of the chemicals or fake flavorings (which includes natural or artificial flavor)…

Vegan Enchiladas

By foodsmarty | May 28, 2017

I once imagined the term ‘vegan enchiladas’ to be an oxymoron. But the other night I had a plethora of friends coming over at the last minute…and was trying to imagine what I could possibly make from the random vegetables but well stocked cabinet/freezer. I knew I had plenty of spices, canned tomatoes, tortillas, brewers…

Shiitake White Beans

By foodsmarty | May 27, 2017

Shiitake mushrooms are excellent immune system boosters. Since they are more readily available and affordable compared to other varieties of healthful mushrooms I often recommend that they are made a part of a regular grocery shopping list in order to improve the function of inflammatory mediators.There also exists a great body of peer reviewed research…


By foodsmarty | April 4, 2017

Have you ever wanted a quick description to break down how to eat healthy? Here is your list of foods to avoid to regulate your metabolism, prevent cancer, diabetes, aging, immune diseases, fibromyalgia, allergies, and chemical sensitivities. Make this your way of living and you will discover you can hold out eating at the pub…

Vegan Queso

By foodsmarty | March 10, 2017

This cheesy vegan queso dip is a great alternative to regular queso. It is popular with kids and adults alike, and you can feel good about feeding vegan queso to your peeps. It is completely dairy free and gets it’s cheesy flavor from Brewers yeast or nutritional yeast. This is not the yeast you make…

Vegan Tacos

By foodsmarty | March 10, 2017

Using three types of vegetables for a variety of flavors in your vegan tacos. Eating vegan tacos is a fun and easy way to improve your health while remaining flavorful. Tempeh is a great substitute with it’s meaty flavor and I often use it with a different combination of vegetables in my vegan tacos for…

Date Fruit Balls

By foodsmarty | February 28, 2017

Date Fruit Balls are by far my most popular dish I have ever made for babies. They can eat as many as desired because they are full of healthy fats. Date Fruit Balls are formulated to contain all of the types of unsaturated fatty acids that can be obtained from vegan sources. These include monounsaturated fats from…