Sunflower Dill Cheese or Dressing

This dressing is reminiscent of ranch dressing but is devoid of chemicals and dairy. It reminds me of that yummy sour cream dip you find regularly¬†at parties. In order to get this flavor, you need to let it sit in your fridge for three days to a week. This allows it to ferment slightly. If…

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Cyclic Ketogenic Diet/ CKD?

The purpose behind the promotion of cyclic ketogenic diets:   I conjecture the cyclic ketogenic diet was made up in an attempt to counter act the extreme negative metabolic changes that occur in the body while on a ketogenic diet. Most of these changes will relate to stress metabolism characterized by an increase in cortisol…

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Opinion on the Paleo Diet for you and babies?

Opinion on the Paleo Diet , with particularly respect given to babies and children   First I must begin with the fact that the paleo diet, as people take it has some positive and negative aspects. The positive is that it recommends taking out all those things that are not healthy for an individual such…

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