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Sick, Ugly, Tired, Almost Dead? No Answers? SmartFood Nutrition can fix your body from the inside out starting with detoxification and then rebuild your organ systems..

Inflammation one of the root causes of all chronic diseases. We detox you safely and under supervision tailored for each individuals unique physiological makeup. 

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Cauliflower Soup

By foodsmarty | October 12, 2009

This creamy soup is my favorite, its thick creamy flavor and rich texture fools you into thinking you have a milk based soup. Ingredients: 1/2 head califlower 1/2 lg onion 1/2 t grated ginger 1/2 t dried ginger 2 cans chicken broth, msg free, preferably organic Brown onions califlower and ginger, blend up with broth,…

Fish Easier Than Stone Soup

By foodsmarty | October 12, 2009

The following is a generic method of cooking any  type of fish with what should always be in your pantry. Fancy ingredients unnecessary if you cook the fish well. Ingredients: Fish of your choice onion, sliced garlic olive oil salt lemon or citrus, round slices, OR 1 T juice per lb fish if whole lemons…

Quinoa with Zuchinni and Olives

By foodsmarty | October 12, 2009

Quinoa is my favorite grain, not only does it have a mild and delicious flavor, it is cheap, highly nutritious and easy to find. I also love this grain because you can add just about any veggies and spices with a little garlic to make a fantastic one dish meal. Quinoa has nine essential amino…

Savory Empanada

By foodsmarty | October 9, 2009

My brother came in town today and I wanted to make something special, even if it wasn’t in the protocols of a healing healthy diet. But it is still better than fast  or restuarant food. Savory Potato and Corn Beef Empanda 2 large russet potatoes 1 T fresh rosemary 3/4 c chopped pot roast or…

Onion Miso Soup

By foodsmarty | October 8, 2009

The inspiration for this soup came about from feeling under the weather, perhaps the beginning of HIN1….I was physically weakened by a five day fast then a weekend of ACL music festival so I was trying to think of a recipe that would be a great bolster to my immune system as well as appeal…

Hello world!

By foodsmarty | October 6, 2009

My two loves are food and science. I am attempting to meld my scientific background with my love of food and provide people with knowledge that stems from my studies of science and food. I am currently engrossed in an attempt to rationally analyze the great number of nutritional dogmas and publications. The goal of…