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Sick, Ugly, Tired, Almost Dead? No Answers? SmartFood Nutrition can fix your body from the inside out starting with detoxification and then rebuild your organ systems..

Inflammation one of the root causes of all chronic diseases. We detox you safely and under supervision tailored for each individuals unique physiological makeup. 

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Essential Oils for Cleaning Your Casa

By foodsmarty | February 10, 2017

Cleaning Chemicals are full of toxins and do not promote a healthy environment. For the same cost as your name brand cleaning chemicals invest in 1-3 bottles of essential oil. You can even find big cheap bottles of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Lavender at Walmart/Target as well as your local health food stores for the…

Gluten-Free Mini Pot Pies and Big Pot Pie with Vegan Option.

By foodsmarty | February 9, 2017

Divide this recipe for GF pot pie into three steps in different days, they do not have to be consecutive days: Cook Chicken in Crock Pot (Active Time = 5 min) Make Filling (Active time = 30 min) Make Crusts/Bake (Active Time = 1 hr Step 1: Cook Chicken in Crock Pot Ingredients: 1/2 split chicken…

Prolific Gardener? What to do with the extra produce:

By foodsmarty | February 8, 2017

Extra produce can foremost be canned. Finding a local commercial kitchen is an easy way to knock out a year’s work of canning in a day of work.  The large heavy stoves and 20-30 quart pans allow you to preserve hundreds of jars in a few hours. Even foods that typically is not canned, like…

Pineapple Turmeric Beet Juice

By foodsmarty | February 3, 2017

This beet juice masks the strong flavor of turmeric which is shown to prevent aging as well as slow cancer growth and inhibit inflammation. Strangely many of these pathways overlap. Ingredients: 1/4 pineapple 2 inches turmeric 1/2 beet Put through your juicer! This is also a mixture that you could blend. If you are diabetic…

Berry Beet Smoothie

By foodsmarty | January 26, 2017

  This beet smoothie provides a high mineral content. Venus was said to contribute her beauty to beets. Beets actually are very good for uterine functioning and having the optimal levels of minerals in your body will result in proper regulation of bone and estrogen metabolism. Beets are excellent food for someone with poor kidney…

Nourishing Succotash for a Filling Healthy Meal

By foodsmarty | January 26, 2017

To make this succotash dish a complete protein (all the amino acids your body does not synthesize), add a grain. I added mexican fried rice and a fried egg and steamed kale to this meal. I steamed the kale by adding it to the main dish when I was reheating for ten minutes right before…

Gigante White Beans

By foodsmarty | January 24, 2017

  Gigante Beans or Giant White Beans Fasolia gigandes are giant sized lima beans. I love these gigante white beans because they are milder in flavor and have less skin which makes them creamier. You could take the individual beans themselves and give them one at a time to a baby around 9 months before adding…

Carrot Turmeric Juice

By foodsmarty | January 10, 2017

This carrot turmeric juice is going to provide some of the unique vitamins that also act as anti-oxidants. These vitamins/antioxidants include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Carotenoids. Carotenoids are the form in the vegetable but the body must convert this into a different biochemical form to be utilized, beta-carotene. Absorption by the small intestine is one…

baby eats all the soup

Sweet Carrot Potato Soup for Easy Digestion

By foodsmarty | January 7, 2017

[fusion_text] Sweet Carrot Potato Soup Ingredients: 7 carrots 1 sweet potato 1/2 beet 1/2 in piece fresh ginger 1/2 yellow onion 1/2 t salt (optional, for adults) 1 quart homemade vegetable broth [/fusion_text][imageframe lightbox=”no” lightbox_image=”” style_type=”none” hover_type=”none” bordercolor=”” bordersize=”0px” borderradius=”0″ stylecolor=”” align=”none” link=”” linktarget=”_self” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ animation_offset=”” hide_on_mobile=”no” class=”” id=””] [/imageframe][one_third last=”no” spacing=”yes” center_content=”no”…

Cooking Techniques for Basic Family Meals

By foodsmarty | January 6, 2017

[fusion_text] This simple video shows the basic cooking techniques of a mirepoix, or the ratio of onions, carrots, and celery, and how to chop them. We add them to a simple vegan meal. If you have leftover beans or grains and odd bits of vegetables in your fridge this shows a beautiful dish that appears…